Compose, Improvise and Arrange in Minutes

Do you ever wish you could compose the music that lives inside of you?

A Music School in Your Pocket

CCG provides a clear pathway to take your guitar playing to the next level.

Learn at your own pace and adapt it to your schedule.

It’s a music school open to every classical guitarist, at a fraction of the cost and time commitment of regular university/school study.

Small Leaps Each Week

It’s all made doable by small weekly tasks, that makes your progress compound over time. 

Your Music Could be Beautifully Recorded

Daniel loves to perform pieces by CCG members and has performed multiple full programs of member compositions. 

“Among the outstanding classical concerts livestreamed during 2020, one project deserves a gold medal for a mighty achievement. From the 3 to 4 week courses held on-line this year, the results were well beyond expectations, resulting in a large folio of original pieces being ready to be performed in concert by the good Doctor himself in a remarkable concert program.”

 —- Julie McErlain, Classic Melbourne  (click here to read full article)


Your first composition could be of this quality…

Here is CCG member Lan’s first ever piece, composed in 1 month. 

She did this with no prior composing experience and limited knowledge of theory/harmony. You can do this too. 


What does CCG involve?

Receive certification for completing courses

“Daniel’s teaching style and his CCG platform are just what I needed to move my guitar technique, composition skills, understanding and applying the language of music to a whole new level. 

For years now, I struggled finding a program that addresses my weaknesses and can fit my busy schedule. With a trove of materials to explore and study and targeted live and recorded sessions with Daniel, CCG offers the beginner to the advanced guitarists opportunities to expand their musical possibilities in many ways. 

Most importantly to me is that I don’t spend hours and hours in mindless practice. CCG is organized in such a way that rounds up my musical experience and inspires me to expand my musicality. It is also a pleasure to learn alongside other musicians who have similar challenges, in a supportive and relaxed environment.”

“I have been playing guitar for many years but I was not really improving and was in a bit of a rut. Joining CCG has revitalized my playing by providing inspiration, exercises, masterclasses, videos and ways to focus so I can achieve my goals. CCG has so much more to offer too, including harmony, composition, analysis of major repertoire plus the support of likeminded people in a friendly group. Daniel has vast knowledge and expertise which he enthusiastically shares. CCG is a fantastic platform and I’m so glad I joined it.”

Being a member of CCG has given me the opportunity to further grow as a musician. It’s a very interactive platform where you get lots of personal feedback and where you can continue learning about harmony, interpretation, analysis and much more! There’s a wealth of information available on the CCG website and during the live sessions you get plenty of opportunities to ask any questions you might have. Daniel truly is an expert in the field! Being in such an encouraging community motivates you to continue working on your skills/compositions/arrangements and helps you to reach your goals!


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You’ll also receive a starter kit, containing key info about CCG, guides for learning and a routine to follow


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