Welcome to The Creative Classical Guitarist

From never having composed to being published in just a matter of months. CCG makes it possible.

Your creativity is inside you - CCG shows you how to bring it out.

Compose or arrange your own remarkable works, even if you've never done it before.

The Creative Classical Guitarist (CCG) breaks down the hidden steps behind creativity: understanding music, practicing harmony, arranging and more. It's all laid out, step by step, in CCG - plus there's a community of like-minded guitarists to encourage, motivate and inspire you.

Even if you've had no experience, no ideas, no signs of creativity before - CCG can help you start creating the music of your dreams.

CCG comes with a fantastic app, making these tools and resources accessible from your phone or tablet. 

You don't need years of experience or a music degree for your work to be recognized!

The work of CCG members is being recognized by acclaimed guitarists and publishing houses. These are by guitarists who only recently started composing!

Paula Child's Mazurka performed by Craig Ogden

Gill Robinson's pieces published by Bergmann Edition

What's Involved?

CCG has 4 main components that immerse you in the language of music, ensuring that you make massive progress and development:

1. Comprehensive COURSES detailing everything you need to be creative. All the exact tools, exercises, techniques, practical examples and more that you need.

2. Exciting LIVE EVENTS that are guaranteed to develop your musical skills and understanding. Play for each other, analyze pieces and understand them. 

3. A vibrant and supportive COMMUNITY of like minded guitarists you can turn to for encouragement, guidance, answers and ideas.

4. Transformative RESOURCES that cover all the ground you'll ever need. Includes routines, exercises, video tutorials and more

Don't know where to start? 

Take the 7 steps that walk you through the key aspects of playing, music and creativity. These resources and courses are all available on CCG.

What will you learn on CCG?

1) Skills and clear methods for composing and arranging.

• This is achieved through weekly live classes and courses you can follow at your own pace. 

Compose your own beautiful piece: Take the course 'Compose Your Dream Piece in 4 Simple Steps', which hundreds of guitarists have taken to compose their very own gorgeous piece.

Arrange any piece you desire for guitar: There's an in-depth course called 'Harmonize Any Melody Quick and Easy' that gives you a super easy to follow method to use to arrange for guitar.

2) Step by step guides for sight reading and practicing.

• This is achieved through in-depth courses you can follow at your pace. An in-depth course called Sight Reading Made Simple walks you through the most crucial aspects of sight reading that are usually overlooked.

3) Learn how to understand the pieces you're playing.

• This is achieved through weekly live sessions and tons of materials (articles, videos, etc.).

4) Technical exercises and concepts to boost your playing to a new level.

• This is achieved through articles and videos you can read/watch at your own pace. There's also an in-depth course available called Warm Up Exercises That Will Make Your Playing on Fire.

5) Develop performance confidence through weekly/monthly performance classes.

• You can also upload recordings of yourself anytime to help gain performance confidence.

6) Learn how to teach effectively and impart inspiration to your students.

7) Develop a fulfilling and meaningful career as a musician.

8) A university course that is relevant, practical, useful and applicable to any passionate guitarist.

• There are 3 sections: Technique, Harmony and History. All sections contain practical tasks and examples that you know and love (works by Tarrega, Bach, Barrios, etc.)

How Will I Find The Time for Everything?!

A lot of content is there for you to take at your own pace, whether you can commit 5 minutes a day or 2 hours a day, you'll be able to make great progress and have some tangible results at the end of it all.

Structure and ongoing learning are the keys. Every lesson or topic you cover is broken down into easy to follow and practical steps that you can instantly apply to your practice and/or creative work. 

You can also follow structured pathways according to your interests and time commitment. These help you focus your time and attention to what matters most to you.

Live Events Schedule

1) Masterclasses: 7pm-8pm Tuesdays and 9am-10am Wednesdays AEST

- These are primarily intended for playing repertoire and many people are now playing their own pieces.

2) Analysis: Thursdays 7pm-8pm AEST

- Topics including sevenths, substitutions and modulations are covered. Many members have written great short pieces using these compositional tools.

3) Composition workshops: 7pm-9pm first Wednesday of each month

- Different types of pieces, including Allemandes, Sonatas and Mazurkas are studied and modeled, making it much easier for you to compose your very own!

What's Included


Player Member: You get over $500 USD value per month for just $59.99 USD/month. 

- Many hours of in-depth video content and tons of articles

- Access to a selection of online courses

- 1x monthly Masterclasses

- 1 hour weekly analysis class

All live sessions are recorded and available to watch anytime

Virtuoso Member: You get over $1,300 USD value per month for just $99.99 USD/month. 

- Many hours of in-depth video content and tons of articles

- Full access to all online courses

- Full access to all eBooks present and future

- 2x weekly Masterclasses

- 1 hour weekly analysis class

- Monthly Composition Workshops: learn how to write your own Allemande, Sonata, Mazurka, and more

All live sessions are recorded and available to watch anytime

Try it for a week free. 

Cancel anytime.

- Your typical university education costs thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars per year. You even get a university education and more here on CCG.

- All of those "free" videos and articles out there don't get you results like CCG does. Getting amazing results is not just about content - it's requires inspiration, community and connection.

- Other platforms like Classical Guitar Corner and Tonebase (while they are fantastic) don't focus on training you in creative work.

More examples of wonderful work by CCG members:

An incredible piece by Trisha called 'Camino de la Luz', played by Trisha herself!


A stunning arrangement of Silent Night by CCG member Paula Child


A gorgeous composition by CCG member Gillian Robinson


What CCG Members Have To Say

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